[Review] 1/12 School Gate Set (Brick Type)


Previously, I did a review on another Tomytec model, and this time I will be looking at the 1/12 School Gate Set (Brick Type), also by TomyTec.

Retail-wise, it is priced at 2,500 yen, but as you can see, I got mine at Sofmap for 1,980 yen instead.

There is also another version of the gate, which is the “Concrete” type:


The concrete and brick versions typically function the same way, and both come with the same set of attachments. What’s different though, are the way the gates and walls look. I got the brick type, because I wanted my miniature school set to have a “private” or “classier” kind of atmosphere. You know, brick being more aristocratic-like… I think?


Above image shows the base of the packaging. You can cut out those signage stands printed on the base (more to that later under “Assembly: Banner Signage”).


Right off the bat, the School Gate Set comes packaged with the following:

  • Gate x1
  • Wall x1
  • Rail x2 pieces
  • School plate x1
  • Sticker set x1


[ Assembly: Wall and Gate ]

Tomytec 1/12 products require little assembly. However you still need to do a little hands-on.


The (brick) wall and its foundation are two separate pieces, so you will first need to put them together.


Nothing interesting inside the wall. In fact, it is quite hollow. Maybe you can stuff some spare cash inside as your new money-hiding place.


Snapping the two pieces together is a piece of cake. They should stick tightly and nicely. Your wall is now complete!

But you can’t have your wall without a gate to go with it, right?


Get your 2 pieces of rails and join them.

Unlike the wall, the rails do not snap together, and comes loose easily. You might want to consider doing some permanent installation, like applying pvc glue onto the joining-surfaces to hold them together in place. Not a biggie though.


Lastly, your gate goes atop of your assembled rail. The lines on the rail are supposed to guide the wheels of the gate.


Your gate is now in working order (powered by hand).



Take note that the wheels on the gate do NOT actually work. They cannot roll, and are otherwise simply plastic sculpted to look like actual wheels.

A little of a bummer, but I can let that slide.


Above is what everything put together looks like from the front.

The wall can be arranged as the right side of the gate, if that is what you prefer. I just chose mine to be placed on its left.


And this, is what the set-up looks from the rear side.

The rail has no option to snap together with the wall, so all I did was to place them side by side.


[ Assembly: School Signs ]


From here on I cover the optional part of the assembly: the stickers! I will start by translating the four school sign-names that were included in the sticker set:

ギガバイト学園 = St. Gigabyte Academy

セレブリティ学園 = St. Celebrity Academy

富井市立商業高等学校 = Tomii City Commercial High School

私立愛羅武勇学園 = Private Airabuyuu (I love you) Academy

Tomytec has also added empty signs, so you can design your own school name, in case you don’t like any of the four given names.

Apart from the names, there are also some funny posters that you can paste on the wall. Notable ones are the “beware of suspicious people…” with a silhouette that obviously resembles Egashira 2:50 (useful if you have his figma), and the “please refrain from going beyond the wall where titans/kyojin are present” – most likely a reference to Attack on Titan.


Tomytec is kind enough to already stick a double-sided tape on the back of the school sign. All’s left is for you to pick a sign sticker…


I chose the “Airabuyuu”. Come on, we are looking at a school’s name that sounds like I-Love-You… how could I resist that bad of a pun? xD

Now paste that sticker on the right side of the sign plate. Adjust the sides of the sticker if you have to, so that it snuggly fit within the plate edges.


[A very random moment] Holy jeebus! Random thug decides to claim the school sign (and consequently the whole school) as his own!!


*cough* Yep, go forward and paste the sign on to your wall. And probably some other sticker-posters too, to fill up the empty spaces.


I strongly recommend the red “Cocom-certified” sticker. Just to show that your school is secured by… erm, imaginary surveillance cameras.


[ Assembly: Banner Signage ]

Remember those signs that are printed on the base of the package? Although strictly optional, you can cut them out and create your own standing signs.

They are printed on thin flimsy cardboard material, so you will need to find someway to reinforce them. I pasted mine on multiple layers of scrapped cardboard I had lying around my room.


卒業証書授与式 = Graduation Certificate Awarding Ceremony

A must-have prop, for those graduating scenes.


And on the reversed side of the sign I made, I pasted this “children-crossing, caution”. Neat!

That concludes the entire assembly set up for the Tomytec’s 1/12 School Gate Set (finally).


[ Gate, in action…?! ]

To let you have a better idea on how the wall stacks up against other figma in terms of height, I roped in the assistance of three models.


From left are, Archetype:He, Yuno, and Kiritsugu. They represents respectively the average, shorter-than-average, and taller-than-average sculpts of the figma line.

The wall looks sorta-right with Yuno’s height. However do keep in mind that the latter is one of the smallest figma, so won’t the wall be towering over her, rather than just be a little taller? Maybe average Japanese school walls are typically short, but I sure as heck know that the local school I went to had walls that resembled the size of impenetrable fortresses *laughs*.


For a 1/12 scale, I do wish the wall was taller. It would have made climbing over the wall look more challenging. *sigh*

And not to worry, Yui has full-on black stockings. Touma isn’t fortunate to get a sneak-peek of her underwear, even if he tried.


A rare glimpse of what the school gate looks like from atop!


In my opinion, Nendoroids’ size look more at home with this set.


[above] Preparing for a school raid. Just your everyday school girl’s activity.


And, well… accidents happen. Sometimes.

[ Conclusion ]



  • Wall and gate are well-sculpted
  • Amusing stickers (but only if you understand them)
  • Little assembling and DIY required


  • Price is a little steep (1,700 yen above)
  • You need to buy TWO sets to get the full gate (one for left, and right side)
  • Not much use if you are not interested in setting up a diorama
  • Feels a little small, for a 1/12 scale

Dang, now I regret not buying a second set of gate when I had the chance. =(